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Learn the Nate Bot rules to understand the culture of using Nate Bot.

It is very important when using Nate Bot, that you follow the rules. These rules are based around fairness and common sense. No one is immune to such rules listed here (If they are a close friend, Staff Member etc.) everyone must follow them.

Breaking the Nate Bot rules may result in you getting restricted from using the bot. Extreme cases such as attempting to DDoS, repeatedly harassing users, repeatedly breaking the rules or plotting something with Nate Bot may get forwarded to Discord Trust and Safety.

You must use Nate Bot in a very fair and respectful way, so don't:

  1. Command Spam, Mention Spam and/or use Macros.*
  2. Share and/or use exploits to gain any form of advantage. Report all bugs to our Discord Server.
  3. Be under 13 and use the bot. That is against the Discord Community Guidelines.*
  4. Apply any Inappropriate Content (Background, Nickname, About Me) on your Profile or Clan that is not filtered by our Anti Profanity Filter or in general.*
  5. No inappropriate usage of Nate Bot. This can be in a form of Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Slurs or rude remarks about a movement organisation (i.e Black Lives Matter, Pride etc.).
  6. Use Discord Alt Accounts, Farm Statistcs or use Money Storage Accounts.
  7. Boost your stats*
  8. Illegally sell anything Nate Bot (Stats, Discord Account etc.)*
  9. Scam, Troll, Trade stats with users or servers for something in return (i.e. People advertising your server)*
The entirety of Nate Bot has the Discord TOS and Community Guidelines enforceable.

Using Nate Bot is not a right, it is a privilege. The ban lengths can range from temporary to sometimes, permanently. Our team will not have mercy to give such banishes to those who deserve it. Such bans are rare.

Marked with *

Rule 1: Games are the only exception to this. All other commands must not be spammed, especially their cooldowns. We do not want to be API rate-limited by Discord.

Rule 4: We cannot absolutely guarantee what is appropriate or, if we find something is inappropriate. You may be given a Ban as a result.

Rules 3, 7, 8 & 9: This will result in a permanent ban.

The staff reserve the right to ban rule breaks for any reasons that are not listed here. All bans come with Evidence and this is staff information accessible by the Developers and Bot Staff.