Guidelines » Nate Bot


Understand the guidelines to ensure the best experience when using the bot.

By using Nate Bot, you agree to follow the rules. These rules are based around fairness and common sense. No one is immune to such rules listed here (If they are a close friend, Staff Member etc.) and everyone must follow them.

Breaking the Nate Bot rules may result in you getting restricted from using the bot. Extreme cases such as attempting to DDoS, repeatedly harass users, repeatedly break the rules can get forwarded to Discord Trust and Safety.

1. User-Bots, Spamming and Macros.

To be able to work well, Nate Bot will need some information about you and other Discord users. Because of this, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service is applied so that you are able to see what Nate Bot can get from you and of course, everything that is possible. Remember: Read our guidelines and not get banned.

2. Sharing exploits.

Sharing exploits or exploitative bugs with other users is forbidden. You must report them in the #bugs channel on our Discord Server. as quick as possible if you spot a bug.

3. Bot Usage or Giveaway Requirements in your server.

You must not (in any circumstance) lock the bot, or giveaways for the bot behind paywalls. This includes have server roles such as patreon roles, donor roles (with real money). Discord Server Boosters are the only exception. In contrary to this, Nate Bot is meant to be used for free at no cost.

4. Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Slurs or rude remarks about a movement organisation.

None of this will be tolerated throughout the usage of Nate Bot. If there is evidence of this done through our bot (commands, dashboard, store), it will result in a severe punishment.

5. Inappropriate usage of our Cosmetic Commands.

Do not use our cosmetic commands (Custom Backgrounds, Nicknames, About Me) to apply any inappropriate content, or have the intent to bypass our Anti Profanity Filter. You also must not apply any inappropriate backgrounds to your Profile or Clan.

6. Advertising.

As simple as it is, do not promote any of your or other material on Nate Bot. This includes other Discord Servers, other Discord Bots or anything that we deem as advertising. Giving Nate Bot Money or Reps in exchange for invites is not allowed. The only exemption to this rule is when using the social command.

7. Real Money Trading.

Any of our statistics (Money, Reps, Games) must not be traded for real money, or Discord Nitro. Buying anything with real money outside of our services will result in a permanent ban.

8. General Etiquette.

Starting harmful rumors about the bot, causing unnecessary drama within our server about the bot, or witch hunting staff members are all ban worthy behaviours.

9. Discord Terms of Service and Usage Guidelines.

Through usage of Nate Bot, you accept the Privacy Policy. Additionally, you accept Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, these of which are enforceable through Nate Bot.

Using Nate Bot is not a right, it is a privilege. The ban lengths can range from temporary to sometimes, even permanently. Our team will not have mercy to give such banishes to those who deserve it. Such bans are rare and if you believe someone is breaking the rules, feel free to message the developers.

The staff reserve the right to ban rule breakers for any reasons that is not listed here. All bans come with Evidence and this is staff information accessible by the Developers.