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It's easy as 1, 2 and 3 to learn the commands!

Nate Bot uses application commands which consist of slash commands and context menu commands. The slash commands can be found by typing / and then clicking on the Nate Bot icon. The system is very easy to use compared to prefixed commands (n!), especially in some commands where you don't have to really type anything!

Context Menu commands do not require any parameters and are executed when the option is clicked. You can find these by right-clicking on a user or message, then Apps and then click on an option with the Nate Bot icon.

These arguments are used when you are running commands:

Command Shortcuts:
  • Pressing on TAB while you type slash command arguments will speed up the typing process.
  • When you hover over a slash command or option, press TAB. It will type out the command or option for you.
  • Use your arrow keys to navigate through the list of commands, or command arguments.