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Essential Commands

n!ping - Checks the current Bot Latency Status

n!avatar - Grabs a full sized version of your Discord Profile Picture 

n!hypesquad <bravery|balance|brilliance> - Grabs a full sized version of your Discord Profile Picture and places it in a HypeSquad Frame 

n!animesearch - Searches up any Anime by your specified value 

n!about - Information about Nate Bot and its Current Version 

n!serverinfo - Grabs Information about your Discord Server

n!userinfo - Grabs Discord User Information of a User 

n!roleinfo - Grabs the Role Information on the server. 

n!poll - Brings up the Poll Help where you can make Polls for your server (Thumbs or Multiple Choice) 

n!botstats - Grabs the current Bot Statistics of Nate Bot 

n!afk <reason> - Set yourself in AFK mode with a reason to be suppressed by any Mentions and Notifications in the server. 

n!calculate - Calculate Mathematical Equations 

n!weather_c - Checks the current Weather (In Celsius) of a place specified 

n!weather_f - Checks the current Weather (In Fahrenheit) of a place specified 

n!google - Search anything with Google 

n!serveremoji - Checks the emojis on the server 

n!youtube - Search anything with YouTube

Love Commands

n!lovestats <user> - Checks your global Nate Bot Love Statistics earned from any of these commands 

n!miyano - Sends a random image from the Miyano Anime Series 

n!hug <user> - Hug the user 

n!nom - Sends a random nom image  

n!kiss <user> - Kiss the user 

n!animal - Sends a random Animal image  

n!ship <user> <user> - Ship the Mentioned users and avatars will be placed in images, a calculation and ship name will be made  

n!pat <user> - Pat the user 

n!slap <user> - Slap the user 

n!marry <user> - Marry a user or if you are received a marriage request, type yes or no to decide 

n!divorce <user>  - Divorce the Married user, this will bring up a confirmation message where you need to type yes or no to decide 

n!wife <user> - Checks the marriage status of a user

 n!relationship <user> - View your Relationship Card with Custom Card. 

n!marriagebg <image link> - Set the custom Relationship Card Background with an Image Link 

$10,000 Charge to Change Background

n!marriage <user> - Checks the marriage status of a user 

n!pikachu - Sends a random Pikachu image  

n!cuddle <user> - Cuddle the user 

n!wink <user> - Wink at the user 

n!dog - Sends a random Dog image 

n!cat - Sends a random Cat image 

n!woof <user> - Woof at the user   

n!meow <user> - Meow at the user  

n!bunny - Sends a random Bunny Rabbit image 

n!tickle <user> - Tickle the user    

n!cry - Sends a random Crying image 

n!poke <user> - Poke the user 

n!flower <user> - Give a flower to the user 

n!blushing - Sends a random Blushing/Smug image 

n!handhold <user> - Hold the user's Hand 

n!rawr <user> - Rawr the user 

n!owo - OWO at random 

n!koala - Sends a random Koala image 

n!rate <user> - Rate the mentioned user

n!beer <user> - Give the User Beer 

n!cookie <user> - Give the User a Cookie 

n!fruit <user> - Give the User a Tasty Piece of Fruit 

n!lick <user> - Lick at the user 

n!lovecalc <user> <user> - Calculate Love Between Two Users 

n!throw <user> - Throw something at the User 

n!bite <user> - Bite the User 

n!wave <user> - Wave at the User 

n!stare <user> - Stare at the User 

n!highfive <user> - High Give The Server 

n!02 - Sends a random Zero Two image from Darling in the FranXX 

n!birb - Sends a random Bird Image 

n!birbfact - Sends a random Bird Fact 

n!catfact - Sends a random Cat Fact 

n!dogfact - Sends a random Dog Fact 

n!duck - Sends a random Duck Image 

n!fox - Sends a random Fox Image 

n!foxfact - Sends a random Fox Fact 

n!geofact - Sends a random Geography Fact 

n!koalafact - Sends a random Koala Fact 

n!dance - Sends a random Dancing Image 

n!shrug - Sends a random Shrug Image 

n!sleepy - Sends a random Sleepy Image 

n!thumbs - Sends a random Thumbs Up Image 

n!triggered - Sends a random Smiling Image 

n!grin - Sends a random Grinning Image 

n!think - Sends a random Thonking Image 

n!wag - Sends a random Tail Wag Image 

n!pout - Sends a random Pout Image 

n!teehee - Sends a random TeeHee Image

n!animeicon - Sends a random Anime Icon Image

Economy Commands

n!profile <user> - View your Global Nate Bot Profile with Gained Stats. Customisable with Background, Info Box and Nickname etc. 

n!level <user> - View your Global Nate Bot Level Card with Customisable Background 

n!store - View the available purchasable items with Nate Bot Coins 

n!badges - View the Nate Bot Badges store available for purchase 

n!background - Sends the Backgrounds Store Embed.  

n!profilebg <image link> - Set the custom Nate Bot Profile Background with an Image Link 

$12,000 Charge to Change Background 

n!levelcard <image link> - Set the custom Nate Bot Level Card Background with an Image link 

$8000 Charge to Change Background 

n!levelstats - Checks your Level Stats in a simplified form 

n!crate - Opens a Crate and see what you win 

n!cratecount - Checks how many crates you have left 

n!stats <user> - Checks your global Nate Bot Statistics earned from Games, Money, Reps etc 

n!setinfo <sentence> - Changes the "A random person..." Description to what you decide to set in your profile. 116 Word Limit 

n!nickname <word> - Changes the "Nate Bot User" Tagline to what you decide to set in your profile $150 Charge » 16 Word Limit 

n!balance - Checks your Nate Bot Coins Balance 

n!balloonpop - Pops a Balloon 

n!bubblepop - Pops a Bubble 

n!slots <number> - Gamble with slots with an amount and see if you won or not 

n!daily - Claim your Daily Coins and Crate every 24 Hours 

n!buy <role name> - Buy the role that is listed on the Store and added on the Server 

n!weekly - Claim your Daily Coins and 2 Crates every 7 Days 

n!rep <user> - Give a rep point to a user Every 14 Hours  

n!repcount - Checks your current Rep Count 

n!purchases <user> - Sends an Embed to check what the User has Purchased with Nate Bot Coins n!loot - Loot Messages to Get Nate Bot Coins   

n!messages - Checks how many Global Messages you sent 

n!allstats <user> - Sends a page embed of all your stats  

n!achievements <user> - Checks the current User's Achievements

Game Commands

n!osu <username> - Looks up the User's osu! stats 

n!fortnite - Looks up the User's Fortnite stats 

n!mcface <minecraft java username> - Grabs the Minecraft: Java Edition User's Skin Face n!mcachievement <word> - Places the specified word in a Minecraft Achievement Banner 

n!8ball <question> - Ask the 8Ball a question then gives an answer 

n!bulktext <word> - Places the specified word in big Lettering (ASCII) 

n!coinflip - Flip the coin and will give either Heads or Tails  

n!quiz - Sends a random question in which you have to answer within 30 seconds 

n!diceroll - Gives a dice roll between 1-6 

n!meme - Sends a random meme image. 

n!mcserver <java server ip> - Checks the current Minecraft server status  

n!roulette <black, red or green> <number> - Choose a colour and number and see if you win or not. 

n!draw <5-100> - Draw anything with Nate Bot (See info box below) 

n!rps <rock | paper | scissors> - See if you win/lose with RPS 

n!luckynumber - Sends in your random lucky number 

n!illegaltrump <word> - Sends a generated Illegal Trump Image with the word generated. 

n!fish - Fish for random money rewards (See info box below) 

n!blackjack <number> - Gamble with your playing card decks and see if you win or lose 

n!connect4  <user | bot> - Play against a user or the bot and try and win 

n!hangman - Try and guess the word, you have 6 lives 

n!life - See if you survived or died 

n!pokemon - Guess the Pokemon for $40 reward 

n!tictactoe <user> - Play TicTacToe against the user

n!gamble <number> - Gamble with your money and see if you win or lose 

n!leaderboard - Sends a Guide on How to View Nate Bot Leaderboards

Music Commands

n!play <youtube video link/playlist | word> - Play anything you like which plays in Voice Channel 

n!pause - Pauses the song playing in Voice Channel 

n!resume - Resumes the song playing in Voice Channel 

n!join - Summons the Bot to the Voice Channel 

n!shuffle - Shuffles the songs in the queue to different order (Must have 3 or more songs) 

n!lyrics <song name> - Looks up the Lyrics of a song 

n!skip - Skips the currently played song 

n!np - Checks the current song played and its progress 

n!repeat - Repeats the current song or queue 

n!queue - Checks the current queue of the songs added 

n!stop - Disconnects and ends the Music session 

n!spotify <user> - Checks the currently played song in Spotify.

Admin Commands

n!ban <user> <reason> - Ban the mentioned user with a reason 

n!kick <user> <reason> - Kick the mentioned user with a reason 

n!prefix <letter> - Changes the Prefix for the Server (Default is n!

n!purge <1-100> - Remove a set amount of messages 

n!welcome set <#channel> - Set the welcomer in the Channel of your choice 

n!welcome <on/off> - Set the Welcomer on or off

n!unban <user id> - Unban the User from the Server with the User ID 

n!warn <user> - Warn the User with a Reason

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